Who we are


We are a group of freelancers working under one brand (Ents). We are guys from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, UK…ok, I guess you got our point. We are working remotly for last 5 years and we love to create great solutions for our clients (no matter where they are from too).

We do Design and Frontend in other areas non-related with E-Commerce and we are official Shopify Experts since 2016 - that was when we hired David who is majorly responsible for ecommerce part.


Collaboration with Ents

Remote work

  • everything is written down and documented
  • communication level is highly improved in order to focus on the important things
  • the project can get done quicker (aww,the useless meetings)


Face 2 Face

If a project is very demanding, we have no troubles on getting on the plane to meet face-to-face.

Managing projects

We know the importance of the communication and management during any project, that’s why we use tools like Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Hangouts, Skype, Intercom.

… and many more, in order to keep it super simple to reach us.