Examples of our work

We will slowly update this section in order to contain most of the jobs we did in Shopify. Reach out if you want to see some other examples of what we've been doing.


Apps and Integrations

Even if we are a remote company, we feel the pain of many merchants from Czech Republic, where we are based. In order to make it easier for them to use Shopify software and enjoy all of its advantages, we’ve come up with a couple of integrations:

  • Payment Gateway GoPay
    This is the first and only Czech payment gateway available in the market. Decide for it is a no brainer for each Czech merchant, which wants their customers to pay in a comfortable way (and keep it cheap - we all hate fees and non domestic services charge big bucks)
  • Accounting System Fakturoid
    In 2017, the Czech government approved a new law which make it a little bit harder to make business. We are not politicians, so we make it easy again. By connecting the very popular Czech accounting system Fakturoid, we solved this EET law issues and improve the invoicing process automation. No more worries with unwanted paper work.
  • Private integrations
    • Heureka script for review emails after purchase
    • Pick up on location service Ulozenka
    • MailStage

We're also Merchants

Why create a store?

Our first attempt of launching an online business was called Travelite Store, where we simply resell good quality luggages. The main goal was to use that experience to train David, the first employee we hired specifically as a Shopify Expert. The store was a failure full of good learning experiences.

After closing this first attempt, the only question we had was - what e-commerce will we open next? Yes - we don’t give up so easily. Besides that, we have found incredible value of becoming like our own customers. By having our own store we know the pain points every store goes through. This means we learn how to better assist you - we know what Shopify can and can’t do. We know it’s hard We are in it together.

So what are you selling now?

TRUNKI. In our current store we make Trunki products available for Czech market at an affordable price. We’d love to make it so popular in Czech Republic as it is in UK. We look forward to don’t be able to go to an airport without seeing at least 5 kids with their Trunki.

How is it going?

As I said before, it’s hard. We are not making a fortune out of it. We were very glad when we broke even. Taking into account that we spend at most 4 hours per week on that project, I think that’s acceptable. Spending almost nothing on Marketing (125$per month), we are able to run the show and release some cash from it, but as I said we got from it great insights about the e-commerce owner experience. No price tag for it - you have it or you don’t. We are happy to have it.
UPDATE: We close the store on the end of May 2018. It was a nice experience, but it was time for us to move on and focus on what we do best.