Pricing + Services


TL;DR We do everything.

Honestly we love to give to each customer a personalised quote, matching their exact needs. If that’s what you’re looking for, book a 15 minutes call with us. If you are shopping for services and you know what you need, we have a couple of packages for you to choose


Code design into shopify

On average: 640$ per page — Send us your PSD or Sketch files to and we’ll come back to you with a quote and timeframe to deliver. Make sure to insert any special feature on that email so we have a clear overview of your needs.

design and Development

From 5000$ — This is the solution for those who want to go to the next level. If you haven’t find the right team to assist you, look no more. Book a call with us and we will take your idea into paper and turn it into a dream for your customers.

We know that Design & Code process can sometimes be time consuming and often your don't have much time to wait. If you like, as part of this job we’ll create a basic store (same as in Basic Setup), so you can start selling as soon as possible.

App Development

From 1920$ — There is no one size fits all for this kind of integrations. Drop us an email at with all the specifications about your needs and idea. We’ll get back to your with further questions and maybe, if you’re specific enough, a quote.



From 800$ — Includes:

  • Branding - Logo, Favicon, Colours and Typography
  • All settings needed to launch
  • Help you choose the right theme for your business
  • Basic Theme Customisation
  • Upload products (max. 50)
  • Layout and store Structure
  • Google Analytics

Extra - 80$
1 hour Skype | Hangouts call to teach you everything you need to know to manage your Shopify Store

Store Management 

Cost per store: 500$ per month or 5000$ per year — Includes:

  • Unlimited basic customisations (without code)
  • 1 advanced code customisation (HTML/CSS) per month
  • Insert new content you provide
  • 10% discount on any other service

Shopify Plus

Cost analysed case by case — We can help you with advanced integrations and customisations you may need for your Shopify Plus store. If you still don't have one and would like to get more info about it, email us or book a call.


From our experience, 80% of e-commerce owners don’t really need a custom design. They may be expensive and take some time to go live.
We believe that the future is where Shopify is heading: offer a great variety of highly customisable templates, which allow you to show your brand and products the way you want. The themes from Shopify Theme store have a high quality standard and we highly recommend them, especially if you have a lower budget to start.


E-commerce Design Consultation

From 400$ - If you are part of those 80% who don’t need a custom design (or can’t afford one), you can use our expertise to improve your current theme. We can offer you:

  • Designer and E-commerce Specialist analysis of each page of your store
  • In-depth report of what to improve on your store 
  • 1 hour call with us to discuss the report

Custom Design

If you belong to the 20% who have good reasons and enough resources to invest in a custom Design, we are very happy to create the perfect look for your business and brand and even implement it into your Shopify Store. Book a quick call with us and let’s take your store to the next level.




HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Liquid, APIs… Does it all sound like Greek to you? (no offence to Greeks 😉).

So, maybe you might need our help. From style edits to Design implementations and setup of new functionalities, we can assist you with anything. Besides having already a couple of apps under our belt, we’ve written and edited thousands of lines of code for many customers. Whatever your need is, your store and business are safe in our hands.


This is Filip.

He's one of the owners of our agency and one of the most experienced Frontend Developers of our team.